Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Achiever

Hi, I am back on my Princess' Diaries, to write a short update. I find it hard to maintain two blogs at a time, but for now, am sharing a little about my Princess.

It's kinda hard to deal with a precocious child like my Princess. And she's just as witty and devilish like her Mom in so many ways. The Kitkat girl? When it was time for her to take her vitamins (she did some baby-talk, glad she did, at least she experienced that stage when growing up kids cannot do away with baby talks, important is, they can express what they want) she'd mumble "Mom, my happanin" instead of vitamins. So we have to understand her words for that.

I always wanted to let her hair wear a ponytail, but much to my disappointments, she wouldn't wish anything tied to her hair. And to think she's sporting a long hair. She wanted to sport a boyish look then. And it would always be an endless debate between us for her to try to be more feminine. She'd kick some assholes in their school and so nobody dared to hurl some bad jokes on her.

Her love for numbers waned when one teacher of her was highly critical of her performance. I found out that in my Princess' case, teachers can either make or unmake a student. And that was what happened to my girl. I was that stage parent who went to school to complain about it but nothing happened.

She's a bemedalled student in the elementary grades and high school years and her two kid brothers followed suit. She became Editor in Chief in her high school school paper and a Chief Girl Scout Medalist for being able to work on a project in Ecology in our community. The several hundreds of Mahogany trees she planted in our community along the highway now stand tall, living mementos that my child has helped saved our environment and in general, planet Earth.

My Princess is fast growing up now...

Comes my next post, I will talk about a grown-up girl already...now in college...:)