Friday, September 11, 2009

On Her Toddler Years

(For almost eight months now, I was not able to post any blog here. I would say, I do not have the luxury of time to do it. For now, I just want to update it and hopefully thereafter, post some more about my Princess.)

When she was yet a toddler, she would often tell her Mom that when she grows up, she would like to be a lovely princess or a queen.

But she is of no royal blood, hence that would remain an elusive dream for her.

As the years went by, Empress Michiko as she is fondly called at home, shows she's a precocious child. From nursery to kindergarten, she was able to memorize the planets in the universe, the alphabet, the basic mathematical operations and read a story book at an advance age compared to  her contemporaries.

She's an eager learner. She would ask questions you wouldn't believe her age would ever be asking. We knew then that she's an early bloomer.

During her graduation at pre-school, she displayed a tantrum which prompted us to bring her home without even receiving her medals for achievements she made in school and got the hardest lesson from her Dad. And from then on, she's afraid to commit another mistake of a tantrum.

All she wanted at that time was a bar of Kit Kat chocolate. We promised her that we will buy her after the graduation ceremonies but when she was up the stage to deliver an acrostic, she started to cry hard, asking for a bar of Kit Kat. 


  1. There is nothing so unpredictable as a young child.You write very well.Keep posting more

  2. Royal blood or not she IS your princess :)
    You are recording the memories here--and that is something she will treasure.
    Thank you for stopping by and following too.

  3. Hi! KP,

    Thanks for dropping by my other site...

    yes, i will...promise!


  4. hello Ms Preeti, are the second Miss Preeti i met over here at bloggerville...this is just my other blogsite, the other one and my main site is "Dreams Are My Reality".

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    have a nice day:-)

  5. You write so admirably Dear..:)

    She will love you for this Dairy ..:)

  6. Would love to hear more about your li'l princess.

  7. nice post and blog yu have!!...liked the princess diary...Happy diwali ;)!! wishes to throwing tantrum is always a fun!! :)

  8. Hi Hary,

    well, this is just my other site, see me at Dreams Are my Reality...

    by the way, thanks for being here...

  9. Dear Amity,
    Namaste!happy diwali!
    beautiful template n very nice space writing the happenings of your darling!one becomes royal not by birth but by deeds.
    enjoyed reading your post.
    have a great sunday.

  10. Hey..Sweet thing you've done here for your princess..:-)..Liked it very much..And when she'll read it i'm sure she'll be happy as hell..:-)..

    Wanna see more of it..Keep writing..:-)..

  11. Yes Shas, promise, i will write more about her...:)

  12. Thanks Vyshu, but where are you now?

  13. Hi Anu,

    well, thank you so much...:)

  14. Dear Heavenly Muse,

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  15. Hi Amar,

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  16. Oh . . bless her!!! Being a parent is so very hard at times especially when tough love is called for!!

    Following you back . . and loving every minute!!

  17. Hi Amity,
    that was a cool information.
    wow...its a dream for many,waiting to read more

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  19. Brings back memories. My daughter was a Kit Kat girl!

  20. Wish you a happy new yr.

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    I have posted my 100th post, take a look when you have time, :)